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Experience allows us the courage to be creative, it's also the rope that binds you.

Robin J. Turner is a U.K. based photographer whose works have exhibited in numerous solo and group events in London and Edinburgh. For Turner, becoming immersed in a project and trying to feel relative to the subject matter is a form of cognitive technique. He approaches each piece with "new eyes" retaining the first impression, then he set about building context and narrative, capturing both emotion and energy.

  • “Robin is a fantastic photographer to work with. He spent time scouting locations before the day we had set to shoot and then helped to build the brief for the shots”

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  • “He was excellent at putting the subjects at ease and generated exactly look we hoped to achieve”

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  • “I highly recommend Robin Turner as a photographer after using him for a range of campaigns”

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  • “His knowledge of lighting and ability to capture a beautifully arranged image is great for portraits, commercial events and much more”

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  • “I would highly recommend him as he has a great eye for detail, takes a creative approach which gives depth and personality to the images”

  • “He has in-depth knowledge of lighting and camera equipment and has a good relationship with a number of photographic and hire studios”

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  • “He is just as comfortable in studio and on location and always delivers on time and to a high standard”

  • “I would definitely hire him again”